1. Minimum 25% of the total amount has to be paid for booking. Then at the
date of the first shoot 50% of the total amount must be cleared before
starting the shoot. Then 95% of the total amount must be cleared on the
day of the last shoot before starting the shoot. After completing the final
changes, the remaining 5% must be cleared within 7-10 working days.

2. Total amount must be cleared after final approval of soft copies of your
product mentioned in the agreement.

3. Incase of any cancellation from the client’s side, 25% of the total amount
will be forfeited.

4. Incase of any natural or social disaster and any government restrictions, if
the date of the event is postponed the advance(25% of the total amount)
will not be refunded, but it will be adjusted later on only if the client
chooses any of our available dates within eight months from the canceled
event date.

5. .Due to any personal reason from the client’s side, if the event is
postponed, the client must inform us through their registered email
mentioned in the agreement and order ID mentioned in the agreement to
our email before 30 days then only the advance (25% of the total amount)
will not be refunded but the advance (25% of the total amount) will be
adjusted later on within next 1year from the canceled event date and in
that case current package charges will be applied.

6. In any kind of shoot (i.e pre or post wedding,maternity,etc) the client has to
confirm us before 30 days and book their slots according to our available

7. If any one makes the booking by paying more than 25% of the total
amount and cancels the event then the amount will be refunded deducting
25% of the total amount. In that case customers have to mail us through
their registered email mentioned in the agreement in which they have to
provide their bank account details( A/C No, IFSC code, bank name) or UPI
ID. Refunds will be initiated within 10 to 15 working days.

8. After you have cleared 95% of the total amount as per the agreement, we
will provide you all the raw images(in JPEG format) in a media storage
with a minimum capacity of 50GB(online or offline) that must be provided
by the client. Incase of any emergency from our side(data corruption or
data missing) we need that data from the client. If you can’t provide us the
data, then we can’t provide you with any finalized product.

9. Traveling,fooding and separate hygienic accommodation must be provided
by the client.

10. In the event location, the plug point and the electric connection (minimum
load capacity 2-3KV) must be provided by the client. Incase of any
load-shedding or any electric connection error occurs during the shoot the
output images or videos may be hampered, in that case we are not liable.

11. Clients can choose the location, costume, props,makeup,looks, but if we
think through our artistic perspective we can discuss and suggest any
other location,costume,props,makeup,looks for a better presentation.

12. Photographers will not be responsible for the
expression,pose,posture,costume carrying ,looks,etc. Photographers can
only suggest or take another shot.

13. In Case of the client’s expression,make up, costume changing,food break
ect. takes a lot of time and for that reason if the shoot is not completed
within the mentioned time in the agreement in that case we will not be able
to provide the exact quantity mentioned in the agreement. If the client asks
for overtime then Rs.2000/- will be charged per hour.

14. Quality of the pictures and the videos depend on the ambiance of the
shooting location. During the shooting time if there is no cooperation from
the client’s side the quality and the coverage may be hampered in that
case we are not responsible.

15. In Case of video If there is any kind of customization in music the
downloadable link of the music must be provided by the client within 15
days after the last date of shooting. Clients may or may not choose their
own music for their videos but incase of any legal copyright claim we will
not be liable.

16. In case of any group photos (with family, friends or relatives), the client or
their coordinator has to inform any of our present team members.

17. For album designing the client has to select the number of photos
mentioned in the agreement within 2 months after the last day of shooting
.We will take maximum 60 working days after selecting the photos from
the client side to provide you the designed album

18. All corrections of the album and the video can be corrected only once
from the client. For more corrections it will cost Rs.50/- per correction in
the album & Rs.500/- for the entire video for a single time. Incase of any
error in video or album designing from our side it will be corrected from us
but client must inform the correction within 7 working days after getting the

19. The final product must be collected from us within 6 months from the last
day of shoot.Once we deliver you the final product mentioned in the
agreement, the client has to download it within 7days. After that you’ll be
notified for the confirmation of the delivery which you must reply within the
next 7days and we will not be liable to keep any backup of your data.

20. If the Client chooses our data backup policy only then we will be liable to
backup all the required data which will be provided on a rental basis.

21. After getting the final approval from the client, no changes will be made
further for any of the products hence if there is any hardcopy product
(Album,photos, etc) it will be delivered to you within 15-18 working days
through courier.

22. For delivery of any type of hard products your full address, contact number
and Pin must be provided at the time of approval.

23. Clients should not accept any kind of damaged or sealed open product
from the courier. Before unboxing you must record a video of unboxing. In
case of any defect in the product (hardcopy not the contents) it will be
replaced only if the client shares the unboxing video within 72hours after
getting it from the courier.

24. Incase of maintaining the quality and beauty standards of the video, the
video may be shorter than the time mentioned in the agreement in that
case the matter is discussable and an approval will be taken from the

25. For quality monitoring, training and promotional purposes we can share
your data only on our social platforms and on our websites with your

26. If any kind of permission is required for drone coverage in that particular
area then the client has to arrange the permission for us.

27. Drone will only be used to cover open areas.

28. In case of rainfall, storm or any other natural calamities, the drone
operation will not be possible.

29. If something demanded is not mentioned in the agreement the charges
will be applicable as per the current rate.

30. In case of any damage of our equipment occurred by the client or their
guest in an ongoing event, the whole amount of the particular equipment
will be compensated from the client. If there is any data loss for this
reason we are not liable to provide the data.