Why should you invite us to photoengrave the emotions and the celebrations? Well, we leave it to your hands to decide. We ensure that you will not be disheartened with our work and the final outcome cause we know how to preserve memories with your precious moments. Knowing the importance of each of the events in your life, we vehemently take the steps to make it memorable for you as well as for us.
 We have 15 years of working experience.
The way we are hunting your precious moments, the way we design and arrange photos, albums and videos is totally unique from others and the dedication towards our profession makes the difference.
To ensure your booking with us you have to pay a minimum 25% of the total amount. Then at the date of the first shoot 50% of the total amount must be cleared before starting the shoot. Then 95% of the total amount must be cleared on the day of the last shoot before starting the shoot. After completing the final approval before printing the remaining 5% must be cleared within 7-10 working days.
Apart from the booking, other things that are expected from clients’ end are like transport and travel cost of our members, their accommodation and food after or during the shoot. In addition as well as the delivery charges of the products are carried out by clients. There are no extra hidden charges out of the contract agreement.
We always use prime equipment for our shoot and various cameras for different events. We carry every genuine instrument required for weddings including full frame, crop frame, premium lenses and drones too. We always tend to upgrade our gear with the latest technologies to brighten up the quality of our work. 
A promo code is a code through which you can avail a certain amount of discount on your desired package. You can avail it at the time of booking. Just simply go to the booking section of our website, under the payment details column you’ll find a promotional codes bracket where you can copy paste the valid code to get your discount.
We have never faced such a situation ever in past years of our business history. Though even if any major breakdown or emergency like this ever occurs we assure you that you’ll have your wedding shoot continued still the same way, with our always ready-made backup plan and replacement team member with equal expert qualities. You’re trusting us for your special day and it’s our satisfaction in keeping it that honored way..
After completing the final shoot you can go for any of the options mentioned bellow :
  • You can give us any external storage device with sufficient space(minimum 250 GB).
  • We can share you a downloadable link and you have to download within 7 days.
  •  You can create multiple Gmail accounts and share us the Google Drive hence after we will upload the soft copies in those accounts.
After receiving the soft copies you have to open the folders then select the photos which you want to put into the albums, then hold the shift key, then right click on the selected folders, click ‘copy as a path’, then open a notepad file and paste photo numbers and mail us. 
Yeah sure you can, just mail us the music(mp3 format) or the downloadable link of the music.
Process of delivery of an album depends on the budget and response from our clients. After the shoot is over we provide the unprocessed ‘.jpeg’ files to our clients depending on their budget or we serve the edited pictures to them to select which one of them they would like to fill their album with and after the response we start our work. In general it takes two months to process the editing and producing the album considering the delay in response due to client’s post wedding schedules. 
Correction can be defined as a certain change in a format whereas changes can be defined as a complete replacement of a format. As an example for an album or video, correction can be done within the selected format whereas changes can be called a complete restructure of a new design.
Photo editing is the act of making color and exposure adjustments to enhance a photo. On the other hand, Photo manipulation alters the original image by adding new elements, changing the look of objects, and other “manipulative” adjustments. Rather than only changing the tones in a photo, photo manipulation alters an image to create a distorted reality. 
What types of photos, ambience and background you are wanting for your photoshoot that matters, you can choose tourist places, local areas, shopping malls , restaurants as per your requirement.
Yeah, generally we would like to share some of your pictures and videos with your permission and if you don’t want us to share, we respect your privacy and won’t share anything on our social media platforms.
We do recommend both pre-wedding and wedding dress-up design suggestions. We are through many shoots all over for years and gaining experiences with every event, so we can suggest to you how you can look better and can be a good focus in front of the camera against the background. But it’s not mandatory that you’ll have to go only for that, it’s your day and obviously your choice; we will shine you anyway and that’s what we do in our shoots so just be yourself and feel free to ask for help.
We do recommend a suitable destination as per your requirement which will be best and convenient for you. It’s your day so the ultimatum is in your hands itself. We will excel on your expectations anyway maintaining the quality of our work because for us quality matters the most.
Ambience and lightning play an important role in maintaining the quality of pictures. A good ambience and proper lightning can instantly bump up the overall quality of a picture. Shooting in a dull location with improper lighting can affect the picture whereas shooting the same in a proper ambience with proper lighting can make a big difference in the click.